Welcoming WillTravelForFitness

The day has come – my first blog post is finally here!

I’ve gone back and forth on what the best way to start writing is, and man it is very intimidating. What do I say? How do I capture people’s attention? Does my hair look like pebbles when I wear it on top of my head? ….you know, normal thoughts like that.


So, how about…Bonjour, I’m Heather! Athlete. Paris Aficionado. Shoe Addict. Spin Instructor. Auditor. Book Nerd. I think you get the picture. My friends call me Buda, and no, rubbing by belly will not give you good luck.

My vision for this blog is two-fold:

  1. Share workout tips for the travel junkie

I like to travel – a lot. Find me a plane and I am instantly happy. The one thing that gives me a little anxiety, though, is whether I’ll be able to get in a good workout while I’m exploring. Not all hotel gyms are created equal…

Staying active while traveling is a challenge but I’ve also found it’s a great way to learn and experience a new city. Where are the hot workout spots? What running paths can I find? How can I maximize this hotel gym? Ooo where is that cute guy going?

  1. Share, collaborate, and inspire through healthy meal prep

I live in Boston, have for over eight years, and I love everything about this city. I’m human though, and can get swept up in the culture of convenience. Amazing restaurants. Quick bites. CVS EVERYWHERE. My bank account has for sure felt the impact.

Earlier this year, I turned to my sister, Emily, to confess my “prepared food” conundrum. Turns out, younger siblings aren’t only good for blaming stuff on as a child – they actually have incredible advice. Sunday. Meal. Prep. Duh – it seemed so obvious but who has the time to prepare meals for an entire week in one sitting. We all do. That’s who.

Just like a workout routine, if you love it, you make the time.

I hope you will find my insights helpful, meaningful and inspiring!

In sweat and health,


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