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Spinning in Paris

Some people throw a party. Others go out to dinner. So when my 32nd birthday came around this year, what did I do?? Bonjour Paris!


After quitting my job of 10 years this past fall, it did not take long for me to return to the city that has captured my heart. This time around, I had different plans for my trip. Touring like a local is more my style and having hit all the big monuments 2 years ago (Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, etc…) – I was ready to GET.MY.SPIN.ON.

Fitness? Travel? Music to my ears. The idea of experiencing indoor cycling classes in other countries had me bouncing with anticipation – and seriously organizing and reorganizing which workout outfits I would bring. (Sidenote – I am a TERRIBLE overpacker. Probably doesn’t help that I had to buy a separate dresser last month for my leggings and sports bras…woops!)

This year, my goal was to hit all five spin studios in the direct city limits and experience indoor cycling, à la français. Needless to say, the city did not disappoint.

Below you will find a breakdown of each studio, in order of when I attended. Enjoy!

  1. Kiwill Indoor Cycling


Set in the 11thArrondissement de Paris (Roquette) right next to Le Marais, Kiwill is a delightful little studio with a crisp/natural feel hidden from the main street.

All the necessities are available in the locker room, including shower products by L:a Bruket. They provide shoes with each class and your first ride is FREE!

Overcoming jet lag, I took myself to a Tuesday 12:30P class with Emeric. He challenged the body with sprints galore. While it was a little difficult to hear him on the mic, it wasn’t too much of an issue as I only understood about 2% of what he was saying. Personal opinion, if you speak no French at all and aren’t a seasoned spinner – go to Dynamo instead (see more below).


The class was similar to a SoulCycle with jumps, shifts, and pulses and the arm segment was a killer! Overall, I was happy with the class and felt I got in a good workout.

  1. Dynamo Cycling

Dynamo has four locations throughout the city; Opéra, Boétie, Oberkampf and Lafayette and each of them ROCKS! If you’re familiar with SoulCycle, you will feel right at home. Over the course of 45 minutes, your body will become one with the rhythm of the music. With movements ranging from sprints and climbs, to crunches and tapbacks, you are guaranteed to walk out of class reinvigorated – and sweaty! Oh and don’t forget the arm song where a 2kg dumbbell never felt so heavy 😉

Classes vary from 40-50 riders in size, depending on location, and while most rides are taught in French, there are English classes offered a couple times a week at the Opéra and Lafayette locations. If you’ve taken spin classes before, comprehension of the French language is not required. Ya, you may be behind a couple beats but just take a bike towards the back of the room and you’ll be just fine!

All locations offer full amenities including Malen & Goetz shower products and all the Bb hair styling goods you need. Shoes are offered with each class – a fitness traveler’s dream – and each studio is equipped with Schwinn bikes. Your first class is only 10Euro or if you’re a fitness fiend like myself, you can also get a 3 class beginners-pack for 45Euro (2 week expiration).


Vibe: Crisp and natural – all white with wood floors and potted greens. Very small locker/shower area.

Class: Wednesday 12:15P with Karine did not disappoint. She had so much excitement and encouragement in her voice (while a lot of it was yelling it actually wasn’t unbearable) it really kept you honest with yourself.


Vibe: Clean cut industrial – white with concrete floors and countertops, exposed structural columns and air ducts, and potted greens. There’s also a little seating area in the lobby with a juice fridge for post-class goodness.

Class: Thursday 7:30A class with John was packed and full of energy! If you’re looking for a fun and challenging arms track…John is your man. My muscles were burnnnning!


Vibe: Clean and crisp – white with potted greens.


Class: Saturday 11A Tyga vs. A$AP Rocky ride with Vince….FIIIIREEEE!! Not only did Vince have amazing energy, and a packed class, but the music was awesome and the choreography was both challenging and fun. My favorite class of the entire week!


Vibe: Most gorgeous entrance – down this cute courtyard that just screams…Welcome, I’m here for you.  Industrial/rustic vibe similar to Oberkampf. And of course, potted greens.

Class: Sunday 12P with Cyril. Good class and killer arms track – he had us holding our arms out straight for long periods of time! There were also small random interjections of English throughout the class which made me giggle.


My favorite part of the entire experience was that each instructor, no matter where I was, hit us with the Droit, Gauche, Droit, Gauche (Right, Left, Right, Left). It made me smile every time. No matter where we are, in spin, we are one.

Let’s just say, if (when??) I lived in Paris, I would be here ALL the time! So, clip in and let the music take over your soul. Rayonnez!


Sidenote: When searching indoor cycling studios in Paris, you may come across Let’s Ride. In February of 2018, Let’s Ride announced its merger with Dynamo Cycling to further extend its business and impact. More about the merger can be found here. Alors, if you come across Let’s Ride, it is now Dynamo Cycling – Lafayette.

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