Bonjour, I’m Heather!

Upon¬†graduating college in 2008, I took my Accounting degree, moved downtown Boston, MA, and entered into the world of Big4 public accounting. After finishing my Masters, becoming a Certified Public Accountant and dedicating over 8 years to the profession, I started to get the itch. You know the one I’m talking about….there must be something more to living than eat, sleep, work, repeat.

I’ve always been fond of traveling. When I was 12, I was given the opportunity to join the People to People Student Ambassador Program and go on a 3 week trip to Europe. That was all it took (minus the phone calls home to my parents sobbing the entire first week), the travel bug never left and I jump at the opportunity to get on the next plane and see what new adventure awaits.

Growing up as an athlete, I’ve always found that exercise not only keeps you healthy, but it also keeps you sane. Talk about an effective medicine!¬†For those of us with wanderlust, traveling doesn’t mean you need to put your workout routine on hold. The beauty of it is that it allows us to venture outside our comfort zone, try something new, and experience things as a local.

Being active, however, can only go so far if you aren’t paying attention to the foods you are putting into your body. I’ve found that assembling a meal plan for the week has allowed me to curb off the convenience of living in a restaurant filled city…for the most part…and in turn has made me happier, healthier, and has saved me quite a few $$$.

As part of my “there’s gotta be something more”, cue the Sugarland song, I bring you my tips, tricks and insights on staying active while traveling and keeping your gut clean, and wallet full.

Love Always.