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Sweating in the Magic City

Earlier this month, I escaped the cold, rainy New England weather and headed to Miami, FL for an impromptu solo vacation. If you’ve never travelled solo before, I seriously encourage you to try it. There’s something very freeing about it. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Freedom!

The minute I stepped off the plane, I felt like a cat finding that one sun spot in the house. Head up, eyes closed, Purrrr.

Besides soaking up all the sun I could (and believe me, this pale Boston skin needed it), I wanted to get in on where Miami locals hit up their Saturday morning workout. Being the “spinesta” that I am, I knew I wanted to find a Florida based cycling studio. Not one of those national, cookie cutter chains, like SoulCycle, but a true local company.

Enter RedBike

The Studio

Ok so I totally overestimate how long it would take me to walk to RedBike in Brickell from the Four Seasons. Needless to say, I was there 30 min early. The previous class was still going on and I was the only person waiting.

That didn’t matter though, because the woman at the front desk was SO friendly. She told me a little about the history of the studio; opening couple years ago, and my soon-to-be instructor was the maestro behind the launch of the organization. There were couches to lounge on between class, and (my fav part) a smoothie bar called RedBoost which, get this, you can order ahead of class and they will have waiting for you by the time your class is done! Talk about service!

As I was putting on my spin shoes, which they provide complementary, Albert Ghitis, RedBike creator and instructor extraordinaire, and I started chatting. Turns out he used to teach at a studio in Wellesley, MA, a couple miles north of Boston! Small world! He was so welcoming and gave me some tips on what to expect during his class – Think pushups, crunches, and arms.

This is Albert. Photo courtesy of

While waiting for class, there is a comfy nook with a couch, chairs and magazines to make you feel right at home. If shopping is more your style, you can check out their apparel wall which has amazing merchandise that I had to use my ultimate willpower not to purchase.

Post-sweat, there is a moderately sized locker room with showers (and towels) to suds up, and they offer wonderful L’Occitane amenities to make you smell just fab. 

The Sweat

Classes at RedBike are a legit P.A.R.T.Y. Between the colored lights and bumping beats it’s hard not to have a good time. I’ve been so many classes where it’s 200 mph, 100% of the time and I’m sorry but that is NOT cycling (cough, SoulCycle, cough). I appreciated that Albert utilized the beat of the music to mirror leg pace, and had a mix of heavy climbs and fast sprints. Thank You!!

The energy than ran through the entire room was electric. Now, it may have been partially attributed to Albert boogying down to the music every now and then, but to say he was engaged with the class is an understatement. He walked throughout the room, encouraging the group to push harder, dig deeper, and get lost in the beat.

Disclaimer: Traditional cyclists, as I mentioned above, there are pushups and crunches on the bike, and a song dedicated to working your arms with weights, so this may not necessarily be your cup of tea. The great thing about cycling at RedBike, though, is that if you aren’t comfortable with a movement, you can modify and still have a blast!

The Results

Without question, if you’re ever in Miami, FL, get your ass to RedBike. While I didn’t feel as exhausted as I normally do walking out of a spin class, I still had an absolute blast and know that I challenged my muscles and worked up a sweat. I was having one of those indestructible, conquer the world, nothing can stop me workout days!

Have you been to RedBike? How about another local Miami spin studio? Tell us about it!

In sweat and health,